Inner beauty or outer beauty, which is more important? Confused? We need both. Inner beauty can come with fresh, clear mind and outer beauty means being healthy. The great enemy of outer beauty is obesity or being overweight. There is no magic to get rid of this. We have to make a conscious effort. There are plenty of books, articles, news, and health care centers that offer many remedies of this problem. But, are they all successful in solving the problem? No.

There is a Diet program that can give both inner and outer beauty and it is called the Zone Diet. Dr. Barry Sears, a biochemist told that the key to a healthy and beautiful body is balanced diet. He says the ratio of calories should be in order of 40:30:30 from carbohydrate, protein and fat accordingly.

Weight loss is largely related to a hormonal balance. Barry says if our hormone level can be maintained under ‘therapeutic zone’ then the weight loss is guaranteed. As it talks about keeping hormone levels under a certain zone it is named as the Zone diet. It is a popular diet program, mostly in western countries. Along with weight loss, it guarantees good mental health as a bonus.

The Zone diet incorporates fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, sufficient protein and at least eight glasses of water in our diet. It does not restrict over monounsaturated fats that helps keep our hunger low. But it restricts any over processed and salted food.

So, how does the zone diet work? Keeping the hormones in control is its main goal. If we consume high amount of carbohydrate, then insulin level increases and it pressurizes body to convert its excess carbohydrate to fat and store in all problematic areas like thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen etc. But if we consume a good amount of protein then the previous activity gets dominated as protein contradicts it and increases the level of other hormone Glucagon which releases the excess carbohydrate. This released carbohydrate can be utilized by brain for more energy and energy needed from food lessens and we tend to eat less. Consistently balancing carbohydrate with low-fat protein will keep glucagons and insulin level under a ‘therapeutic zone’ and our eating habit changes and we loose weight consistently. More importantly as the brain gets enough energy and does not get tired easily, it certainly contributes to inner beauty.

No doubt that it is good for diabetic patients also.

Here are some other important factors to consider as well. When should we eat? In the morning we should not starve. We need to have snacks very early. There should be only 2 to 2.5 hours gap after the snacks and before the next meal. There should a 4 to 6 hour gap between two meals. Start the meal with a low-fat protein. Then go for carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits and then good fat foods. Protein intake in one meal should be 4 ounce for men and 3 ounce for women.

If we do not feel very hungry between meals, then we are in the proper zone.

So, now we know all about the Zone diet that will give us inner and outer beauty. So, what are we waiting for? Let us get started.

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